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When publishing work using Spike Hound, cite:

Lott GK, Johnson BR, Bonow RH, Land BR, Hoy RR, "g-PRIME: A Free, Windows Based Data Acquisition and Event Analysis Software Package for Physiology in Classrooms and Research Labs" J Undergrad Neurosci Ed, Fall 2009, 8(1):A50-A54

Spike Hound

The Spike Hound Oscilloscope
Spike Hound (formerly g-PRIME) is a data acquisition, Stimulus Generation, Instrument Control, and real time analysis package designed for use in physiology research and education where continuous multi-channel data is acquired and discrete events are analyzed. The software allows for connection to a broad range of popular data acquisition hardware from high end, calibrated data acquisition boards to the sound card in your computer. Spike Hound allows for signal visualization, real-time filter applications, audio output to a monitor, and data logging with associated meta-data.

Spike Hound replaces and exceeds the functionality of several classical bench-top tools including the oscilloscope and arbitrary function generator. Spike Hound offers many powerful features for scientific visualization with a user friendly interface developed in a feedback process with neurophysiology researchers and students at the university level. Development has continued under researcher driven feedback at the HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus in cutting edge neuroscience applications.

This software is written in the Matlab(r) scientific programming environment, but is compiled as a stand-alone program (Windows ONLY) and does not require a Matlab license. As such, it supports all of the hardware supported by the Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox. The source code (.m file) is also available for download for users who desire to customize the tool to their application. Development in this form WILL require a Matlab license.

Spike Hound Analysis of a multi-unit nerve correlated with potentials in the muscle it innervates


  • Software Oscilloscope with Multi-Channel Support, Trigger Modes, and Data Logging
  • Supports Popular National Instruments DAQs, Windows Sound Card Inputs, and Other Hardware
  • Output any channel (including filtered channels) to your computer speakers for audio monitoring
  • Generate pulse trains or arbitrary waveforms (e.g. sine, triangle)
  • Digital I/O Support
  • Live band-pass and 60Hz notch filtering
  • Threshold w/ window based event detection
  • Real time analysis result visualizations
  • Analytics: Time, Max/Min, Interval/Rate, Peak Frequency Content, Energy Density
  • Cross channel correlation (event triggered averaging)
  • Text based metadata logging

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